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Dr. John G. Henein has been practicing as a Family Doctor for more than 14 years. He worked in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a Family Doctor as well as an Emergency Physician at the Digby General Hospital, Digby, Nova Scotia. He was part of the Canadian Blood Bank Team as a consultant physician.

Dr John G. Henein is Pleased to provide infants Circumcision procedure for the community of Oakville, ON.

After relocating to Ontario in 2009, he has been practicing in Oakville, as well as working as an Emergency Room Physician at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, in Grimsby.

Dr. Henein has hospital privileges at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in Oakville where he holds the position of the CME Chair.

Dr. Henein' s love for surgery began in Medical School where he achieved Honours in Surgery and was ranked one of the top ten students in Surgery in his class. His passion led him to pursue additional qualifications and training at McMaster University where he trained with some of the best doctors in the field.


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