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Family Practice

Dr Iman Nesseem, Female Doctor accepting new patients

Family medicine is facilitated by good communication and cordial relationships with your personal doctors. Through our responsive and quality service, we ensure that a collaborative approach is utilized to achieve heath results.

The role of a family doctor goes beyond diagnosis and treatment. There are several other roles they play to ensure that the healthcare of patients is at the top of their priority list. These roles include counselling and consultancy services which tends to ensure he overall wellbeing of the family.

OAKLAKE Medical Centre provides optimal family practice services. Our doctors are well experienced, trained and knowledgeable which makes them the best fit for counselling and consultancy. We will strive to ensure that the health condition of you and your family is top-notch!

Walk-In Clinic

 From Colds to Suturing of lacerations, treating various acute, non life threatening conditions is provided by our experienced, compassionate physicians in a safe and efficient enviroment.


Lab Services is provided on site by our excellant and compassionate Staff, Blood samples is collected and is sent to be analyzed.

Urine Analysis, pregnancy tests as well as Rapid Throat swab testing is also available onsite, results can be ready in as fast as five minutes, which helps in turn in reaching the proper diagnosis and in starting treatment as soon as possible.


At Oak lake Medical Centre, circumcising your baby is done in a safe and effective way. The procedure is done using a Mogen Clamp, because of it's safety and it's decreased risk of complication. To ensure adequate pain control, both local and regional anaesthesia is used.

The procedure is fast, almost painless procedure.

Dr. Henein' s love for surgery began in Medical School where he achieved Honours in Surgery and was ranked one of the top ten students in University.  This passion led him to pursue additional qualifications and training at McMaster University where he trained with some of the best doctors in the field.

Families looking to circumcise their babies in the communities of Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, Brampton, and Toronto are welcome!

Medical Spa

Come, experience beauty and health in the right combination at our medical spa.  Our services are top notch, designed specifically to make you look refreshed, rejuvinated and more attractive.

At the medical spa, we combine both the relaxing, aesthetic features of a spa, with the scientific expertise and technology of medical practice. Our technical personnel are seasoned professionals in both the science and the art. Although we consider our spa as a medical service, we also make the atmosphere as friendly and comfortable as possible.

Our medical spa offers services including BOTOX Facial Fillers as well as PRP.

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