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Family Doctor In Oakville

At Oak Lake Medical Centre, our team of experienced family physicians provides care for patients in order to diagnose and provide treatment for various health conditions, by managing chronic diseases and by advocating health through preventative care.

Our family doctors in Oakville strive to provide exceptional health care by staying up to date with the latest medical technology and equipment. Our team of professionals works together in order to provide fast, efficient and quality health care in a warm and friendly environment.

All patients seeing a family doctor are required to have an appointment booked. Our experienced doctors provide care for a wide range of family medicine including:

Preventative Care

It is all about prevention; we understand that prevention is better than management,  and early diagnosis makes all the difference.

At Oak Lake Medical Centre, our staff are trained in screening you for various diseases and cancers including breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, lung as well as skin cancer.

For more information on assessing your risk and to get your personalized action plan, please complete a cancer risk assessment at www.mycanceriq.ca

Chronic Diseases Management

As part of our family practice at Oak Lake Medical Centre, we manage chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes care and emphysema just to name a few.

Good control of these diseases is proven to improve quality of life, and decrease risk of death from various complications.

Our trained staff will help you manage these diseases and improve your health.


The Oak Lake Medical Centre administers vaccinations to help prevent diseases and illnesses. Vaccinations include pediatric and adult immunizations (HPV vaccine, shingles vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, hepatitis vaccine).

Lab on Site

Lab Services are provided on site by our excellent and compassionate staff. Blood & urine samples are collected and sent to be analyzed and tested.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of medical care to our patients using a patient-centric approach and placing focus on the patient and their well-being.

Call the the Oakville Family Doctors Office today at 289-837-4747

Dr. Henein & Dr. Nesseem Now Booking In-Person Appointments
Monday to Friday 9:00-4:00 PM




OR CALL 289-837-4747

We are currently providing telemedicine / Virtual care Medicine through phone calls or Video conferencing, if you have any concerns, questions about your medications or struggling with anxiety and depression during this time please call and request a virtual appointment.

If you are having a fever, sore throat, new-onset, or worsening cough, shortness of breath, please don’t come to the office, stay home, and self-isolate.

Call our office for an appointment, and one of our doctors will call you to discuss the next steps.